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How to fix screen flickering, other display problems on your Nokia 8 (easy steps)

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I'm glad to hear that you like the design and features of our Steel HR Sport. Your feedback helps us to keep on improving our products to ensure the satisfaction of our customers like you. Have a nice day! Regards - Charles, Withings Customer Service. This was a good app and blood pressure monitor when it was originally released.

The new owners have turned the blood pressure cuff into a brick.

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The app also now requires the user to create an account and to share health data with them. This is frankly another ignorant move to try to collect used data to use for marketing. This is no longer a health app for that reason.

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Save yourself some money and privacy and buy the simple blood pressure monitor from your local pharmacy. Update: a customer service person responded to this review promptly. The response included an apology. However the response did NOT include a solution. The device stopped working because of a forced update that Nokia sent out.

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Update: I contacted Withings customer service by email and requested a full refund. Withings responded by saying they will only warranty for 30 days. Even if they make the device useless due to their failure they will not refund the purchase. They are very stubborn and just thank you for your patience. Save yourself a lot of money and buy the stand alone blood pressure device you can get from your local pharmacy.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about the Health Mate app.

I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the design and functionalities of the new version of the app. I appreciate your feedback as it helps us in making changes and improvements to give you a better customer experience.


We are continuing to release new products and updates, and we hope to have a chance to win you over. Thank you and have a nice day! Data collection and presentation are at the core of the product. Unfortunately, the app tries to hard to make data relevant, and becomes inconsistent across the experience. Had Nokia gone with the trendy aspect ratio instead of we could easily have seen a 5. The display is not small enough to make the Nokia 8 a 'compact flagship' either, so in this regard the handset sits in an awkward middle-ground position in the smartphone world. The Glance display function is welcome, even though it can't be on all the time - the most you can have it appear is 20 minutes when the phone doesn't move. This is a limitation of the fact that the screen is an LCD and having Glance on all the time would have a significant negative impact on battery life.

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That said, Nokia's implementation of this feature is less useful than it could have been. Unlike other variations of this concept, Glance only has indicators for missed calls, unread mails and messages, and calendar events as well as alarm info, the time and date. So, if you receive a new email it will pop up and show you that it's waiting.

But if you get a WhatsApp or Facebook message, you're out of luck. You'll hear the notification sound going off, and Glance will turn itself on but won't actually show you anything of use. Another niggle we have with this functionality is that the icons for calls, mails, and messages are always present, even when you don't have any missed or unread ones, displaying a "0" next to each. This setup makes it impossible to quickly take a peek at your phone while Glance is on and instantly figure out whether a new notification is waiting for you.

Basically what we're saying is that other similar systems seem more intuitive to us - showing only the time and date and no other icons if you don't have any notifications awaiting, for example, makes much more sense. And then, when you get a new notification, it would be better for Glance to actually display the corresponding app's icon, regardless of what it is. Right now it's a pretty rigid system, unfortunately.

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As with any recent Android device, Bluetooth on the Nokia 8 is hit and miss. The Nokia 8 is a flagship phone through and through, with major components and features that are ostensibly a match for the best that Samsung, HTC and LG can muster. Related: Sony Xperia XZ2 first look. Nokia was renowned for its distinctive hardware design and impeccable build quality way before Apple arrived on the scene.

The Nokia 8 stands up pretty well for the most part. Related: Best Android phones. I moved to the Nokia 8 straight from using a OnePlus 5 , and it was notable how fundamentally similar the two phones are. In fact, you could cut that last paragraph and paste it into a review of the other phone — although, for my money, the OnePlus 5 is slightly better-looking. The Nokia 8 has a certain heft to it at 7.

It should also be noted that I had the more understated matte blue model to test.